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U.S. Department of Defense

JTEC, its principals, and employees have deep experience working within and in support of our United States Armed Forces and DoD member agencies. We understand the mission, the requirements, and the vital importance the DoD serves, as we've been a part of that mission. We are proud and thankful to be working with our U.S. military and welcome the opportunity to continue to support its critical role in our nation's defense.

U.S. Intelligence Community

JTEC holds the highest clearances necessary to perform in the most secure environments. We provide cutting edge technical support services and capabilities, leveraging the most demanding and often rare skill sets. From developing a small, advanced prototype to delivering a large scale system, built with scarce technical talent, JTEC can support your most critical needs while supplying the right people for the job.

Innovation & High Tech 

JTEC is deeply connected with the innovation and high tech space and market. We constantly scan the environment for the best, most impactful technologies, meeting with industry visionaries and leaders. We identify advancements that can serve the U.S. government and its missions, while supporting the innovation community. JTEC has the experience necessary to turn vision into execution, delivering value at the cutting edge.

University Partnerships & Engagement

JTEC maintains working relationships with multiple universities across the United States. This grants us insight into cutting-edge research and development, access to highly technical, innovative talent, and the ability to engage on behalf of public and private sector clients. 

As we routinely interact with these universities, such as Georgia Tech and the GT Research Institute, we are a trusted partner. Therefore, we stay current with forward-leaning advancements in the technical fields, many of which can have a positive impact on mission and deliver real value to our customers - long before they are available to industry - or to our nation's adversaries.

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